The plan will surely help us maintain healthy smiles and a healthy budget for years to come!

As parents we know the importance of taking care of our family, but visits to the dentist can be expensive. The Smart Choice Dental Plan allows us to all get exams and x-rays along with regular cleanings at a price we can afford. We also know exactly what we will pay up front. The plan is easy to understand and easy to use!

I can make our dental visits a top priority and always at an affordable price!

I like this plan because it is gimmick-free and very straightforward! With no claim forms or deductibles, the plan covers a wide range of preventative and major services at an affordable discount. I pay our annual membership fee and schedule an appointment for our exams and cleanings. Now that is worth smiling about!

This plan fits our budget and makes it possible to give our kids a healthy smile!

My husband does not receive dental insurance from his employer, so finding an affordable plan for our family was very important. We joined the Smart Choice Dental Plan and couldn’t be happier. We brought our children in for an oral exam at no charge and cleanings for $50.00 each. Thanks Smart Choice Dental Plan!

Smart Choice Dental Plan

Summary of Savings & Discounted Fees

ADA Code Description of services Smart Choice Member Pays
Diagnostic & Preventative
D0150 Comprehensive Oral Evaluation (new patient) No Charge
D0120 Periodic Oral Evaluation No Charge
D0140 Limited Oral Evaluation – Problem Focused No Charge
D0210 Full mouth series of x-rays $90.00
D0220 Periapical x-ray- first image $20.00
D0230 Periapical x-ray- each additional image $15.00
D0272 Bitewing x-rays- two images $25.00
D0274 Bitewing x-rays- four images $40.00
D0330 Panoramic x-ray $50.00
D1110 Prophylaxis (Cleaning) Adult $75.00
D1120 Prophylaxis (Cleaning) Child $55.00
D1351 Sealant – per tooth $40.00
D1206 Topical Application Of Fluoride Varnish $29.00
Resin-based composite-anterior
D2330 One surface $125.00
D2331 Two surfaces $175.00
D2332 Three surfaces *20%
D2335 Four or more surfaces *20%
Resin-based composite-posterior
D2391 One surface $155.00
D2392 Two surfaces $195.00
D2393 Three surfaces *20%
D2394 Four surfaces *20%
D2740 Crown – porcelain $995.00
D2950 Core Buildup (with a crown)** No Charge
D2954 Pre-Fab post & Core $250.00
D3310 Root Canal- anterior $700.00
D3320 Root Canal- bicuspid $825.00
D3330 Root Canal- molar $975.00
ADA Code Description of services Smart Choice Member Pays
D0180 Comprehensive perio evaluation $100.00
D4341 Periodontal scaling and root planning-four or more teeth per quadrant $210.00
D4342 Periodontal scaling and root planning-one to three teeth per quadrant $125.00
D4910 Periodontal maintenance $120.00
D5110 Complete denture (upper) $1,500.00
D5120 Complete denture (lower) $1,500.00
D5750 Reline complete upper denture (lab) $350.00
D5751 Reline complete lower denture(lab) $350.00
Partial Denture
D5213 Partial denture upper $1,500.00
D5214 Partial denture lower $1,500.00
Implant – Single Tooth (total) $4,000.00
D6010 Implant $1,800.00
D6057 Custom Abutment $800.00
D6058 Crown/Abutment $1,400.00
Bridge – 3 Unit $3,000.00
Oral Surgery
D7140 Extraction, erupted tooth or exposed root $120.00
D7210 Surgical removal of erupted tooth *20%
D7220 Removal of impacted tooth – Soft tissue *20%
D7230 Removal of impacted tooth – Partially Bony *20%
D8010-D8999 All Orthodontics (including Invisalign) *15%
Other Services
D9230 Nitrous oxide/anxiolysis, analgesia $50.00
D9944 Occlusal Guard – Hard Appliance $500.00
*First Choice Dental Providers have agreed to discount their usual and customary fees by 20% (15% Orthodontics) for services not listed on the Summary of Discounts above (plan excludes TMJ/Sleep Treatment), provided those ADA code services are offered in office.

**Core buildup “No Charge” when in conjunction with a crown

For a complete summary of your discounts please click here.